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ویکی پدیای فولاد مهر

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Fulad Mehr Sahand is now one of the largest pipe and profile manufacture in northwest of country and is located in 30 km of northwest of shahid salimi industrial zone,Tabriz. The factory executive operation began in 2008 at 3.5 hectares area and has been operating since 2009 of may.
Over the past years nominal capacity during 3 part amendment is reached 160 thousand tons steel pipe and tubes production.

Quality is the highest priority of company’s activities and market acceptance of products is the best reason of this claims . Despite the problem in the bussiness and lack of support from producer, attention to the social responsibilities such as job creation , preservation of environment, safety and health of employee, engagement and collaboration with organizations are our company’s schematization.
Excellence in human resource as real assets, customer satisfaction and respect as the main benefactors, responsibility toward society is fulad Mehr Sahand movement frame…


Company History

  • Generative superior unit
  • Roll & foundry superior unit
  • Industrial superior unit
  • Steel profile & pipe manufacture superior brand
  • Human resources ascendency award
  • Superior entrepreneurs

Contact us

  • Iran / 35km of road Tabriz - Azarshahr / Salimi industrial zone | Mailbox: 154-53751
  • +98(41) 3432 91 61
    +98(41) 3432 91 60 (Fax)

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