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Key Values

Our company will become a dynamic and visionary organization in the field of manufacturing and human resource management By employing creative , motivated and committed manpower , So that we can be Leader in the development of the steel industry and human resources management in the region and our country.

  • Special attention to the role and position of manpower in organization as a main capital
  • Believed to knowledge based organization In order to achieve defined goals and Implementation of the educational system.
  • Promoting culture of organizational responsibility ,commitment and cooperation with Attention to social responsibilities.
  • Operational planning and monitoring them properly to avoid waste resources.
  • The salary System (job classification) to match the needs of company with Capabilities of employees and also The pay fairness.
  • Periodical evaluation system for staff talent and Conversion of Potential ability into actual with encouragement and appreciation.
  • Polling System and periodic meetings of the managers in order to increase participation in decision making and improving the quality of work in labor relations.
  • Workplace health and safety system with Necessary education in order to Maintaining high standards of professional health.
  • Disciplinary system to respect the rights of employees and employer.

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