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Point of View

The company is an human organization that is established in order to doing Specific Purposes. In Today's dynamic world despite organizations face with modern technology but Still need a man and they are planned and managed by them therefore this valuable resource should be managed and trained , Facilities and amenities should be provided . in the Recent decades knowledge of human managing with Management attitude have fundamental change and in human-centered organization, direction of planning, organization, leading and Optimal Control, management level and administrative affairs supervising upgrade to human resource management and personnel affair and has arisen Specific emphasis to human position and role. Organizations realized that human force plays a role in development so they did not attend to financial resource as a main factor even they realize evolution and efficiency of human force cause promotion and development of Economic system, as well as proper use of human force as The most valuable and greatest wealth Of society has become important issue because in issue of countries development, human is the only parameter that considered purpose and factor of it. Fulad Mehr Sahand Co. according to this point of view planned to employment and use human force and we believe that Success depends on increased efficiency and employee satisfaction level. We try to ensure the achievement of the company social and economic major goals by observing fairness ,justice and Authority on the development of the huge capital.

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