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Cross Section Tube Pipes

Cross Section Tube Pipes
Mehr Steel Company's Cross Section Tube Pipes has forming ability, welding ability, high resistance and dimensional accuracy and high surface quality. applications of industrial pipes is construct well pipes, intercontinental water supply, outbuildings, construction of structures, manufacturing of industrial machinery, construction of bridges, guide boards, modern canopies, base Lights, construction and urban planning...
Cross Section Tube Pipes


steel mesh is made of iron and galvanized wire. It is in the form of a panel, ribbed and steel...

The application of this product is in the construction of 3D walls (3D panels) and for the construction of bridges and concrete structures of dams, water channels, gyms and industrial floors.


The rebar is generally used to reinforce concrete and rock structures in the tensile strength of steel bars.

This product is manufactured by using a variety of steel products during the hot rolling process. Most bars are made of freshly made steel, but sometimes steel scrap is also used to produce rebar.


Girder is the most basic building profile that is sometimes used in industrial projects.

Typically, in the manufacturing plants, there are three types of standards IPE, IPP and IPP .

Wire rod

Mehrsteel wire's has high quality in different sizes and packing.in term of chemically not lost their identity but in terms of physical and mechanical properties is very soft and flexible.

This wires can be use in wire products, lace, agriculture and construction...


Industrial formed profiles

Industrial formed profiles of mehr steel company are produced in a wide range of pipes and profiles for a variety of uses .

This profiles has forming, welding, high strength ability and dimensional accuracy and high surface quality .


Custom products

Profiles and custom section profiles are produced upon request and consumer requirements.

These products are divided in standard custom section profiles and specific custom custom profiles.

Steel Strap

Steel belts have a lot of applications in the industry, some of which are used in construction and industrial applications, metal staves, static metal chains (chromite), gratings, gardrilles, and open steel sections production using Press Bracket.


Tee beam

tee beams with sectional shape like Half caliber shape , tee beams has less utilization, traditional and non-machined type of tee beams is used to manufacture of small balconies, false ceilings, facades, glass false ceilings, and their modern and machined type is used in elevators.



Steel Angles is one of the most important building materials and profiles that is used in composite and individual projects in construction, construction and industrial applications.

angles likely to be longer lasting and do not get rusted even after years of use.



Steel channel with U-shaped sections are part of industrial and construction profiles that are produced with a cross section.

channels likely to be longer lasting and do not get rusted even after years of use.


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