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Custom products

Profiles and custom section profiles are produced upon request and consumer requirements.

These products are divided in standard custom section profiles and specific custom custom profiles.

Packing list

Standard Custom section profiles: those are included that previously designed for the special usage and out of the nation, and this products has standard and international reference .
Specific custom section profiles: those are included that desgined and manufactured for Special and specialized usage and upon customer request.

The ability of the company

  • Production of custom sections profiles in design, thickness and quantity that requested by the consumer
  • Produce a variety of product (3-12) mm
  • variation in product packaging in different weights from 500 kg to 2 tons.



The advantage of custom profiles, the specific use of a particular section that reduce the requirement of connecting some public profiles. For example instead of using 3 type of public profiles to produce custom section profiles , with special design we can produce the custom section profiles directly.

  • Cost reduction
  • Efficiency and speed of working
  • more strength and resistance
  • Beauty of product

  • Square box profiles
    Square box profiles
  • Rectangle box profiles
    Rectangle box profiles
  • Door & Window profiles
    Door & Window profiles
  • Frame profiles
    Frame profiles
  • Z profiles
    Z profiles
  • Sheet
  • Tube types
    Tube types
  • reinforcing
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