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Rectangle box profiles

Rectangle box profiles
Mehr Steel Company's rectangular box profiles product has forming ability, welding ability, high resistance and dimensional accuracy and high surface quality.
The usage of rectangular boxes is in producing of medical supplies, fence types, civil and construction

International standards DIN EN 10219-2
Product reg. certificate 6000029489
Application of rectangle box profiles

Dimension (mm)Thickness (mm)Weight (kg/m)

Accordance with international standards DIN EN 10219-2
Product declaration in accordance with its certificate of registration number 6000029489

1) Medical supplies application

  • Manufacturing hospital bed types
  • Manufacturing patient transport trolley
  • Procurement and construction of laboratories accessories and space

2) Automotive industry and public transportation

  • Chassis drawing room include light weight and heavy weight vehicle types
  • Chassis drawing room trailer types
  • Chassis drawing room of freight trains and passenger
  • The airport tug – plane steps
  • Manufacturing hand held and portable wheel
  • Structure types
  • Rack types

3) Training accessories

  • Manufacturing furniture
  • Desk and bench
  • Procurement and construction of laboratories accessories space

4) Appliances

  • Procurement and construction bed types
  • Stand types for (refrigerator – oven – dish washer)
  • Stand and body of cabinets
  • Dining services
  • Metal furniture
  • Portmanteau

5) General purpose

  • Manufacturing the fence around the park
  • Manufacturing the fence around boulevards
  • Manufacturing the fence around universities
  • Manufacturing the fence around the military and police centers
  • Manufacturing the fence around the banks
  • Manufacturing the fence around residential areas
  • Manufacturing the fence around the poultry, dairy …
  • Manufacturing the fence around fields and gardens
  • Front coverage for different station
  • Construction paling types
  • Windows and doors shield
  • Packaging and help in machinery transport

6) Civil and construction

  • Construction of a pedestrian bridge and aerial
  • Covering variety of roof and walls of the niches
  • Exterior towers and the office, residential and commercial buildings
  • Procurement and construction stand in the petrochemical industry and refineries
  • Procurement and construction of wharf and harbor stand types
  • Docks
  • Procurement and construction sand washing machinery types
  • Manufacturing door and windows

7) Traffic signs and advertising

  • All urban and suburban traffic sign stand
  • All urban, suburban and the road traffic sign

8) Sport and recreational accessories

  • Procurement and construction sport accessories such as fitness equipment in parks
  • Health station
  • Gym
  • Amusement park accessories
  • Recreational supplies for children
  • Chairs and benches in parks and green spaces
  • Alcove and awnings located in parks, beaches and recreation centers and halls
  • Baby carriage

9) Industry

  • Manufacturing machinery types
  • Manufacturing crane types
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